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Westward Leaning x Olivia Palermo Saint Germain Glasses

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Wake Up, You’re American Dreaming

A Perfectly Preppy Outfit Of The Day

A few weeks ago I visited Nantucket and for those of you who haven’t been, it’s pretty much a picture perfect little town - I mean all the houses even have white picket fences.  With everything so prim and proper I decided to dress according to my surroundings and go for a preppy look with my own spin. The plaid pants are part of a suit which I wore here, but look great as separates especially when worn with a solid shirt for balance. The shirt is a new piece. It’s a short-sleeved denim shirt which is basically replacing my long sleeve chambray for the warmer months so it couldn’t be more perfect. The shoes and accessories are all items I’ve had for a few months now and just seemed to round out the look without adding too much fuss.


Matiere Shirt  //  Ted Baker Trousers  //  Eytys Sneakers  //  AM Eyewear Sunglasses  //  TRIWA Watch


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